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Earth and Space

Whilst we each have an individual responsibility to reduce waste and prevent pollution, much of the responsibility lies with companies and the choices they offer consumers. The future of our planet depends on our actions today!


That's why we created the NAKEED shopping experience. We aren’t perfect but we are focusing on offering a new way to shop, reducing plastic, recycling over 80% of our packaging and working with local initiatives to react to change.


More than 90% of our products are offered on a refill basis. This ensures our supply chain from product creation to consumer uses far less plastic. 


We offer products that have been made from recycled materials, as well as reusing packaging, containers etc. repurposing as much as possible. We rely on our customers to drop in their old used containers, for people to reuse them - don't throw them to landfill - repurpose them!


We work with local farms, charities as well as small, independent businesses. Supporting smaller independent organisations generally means smaller supply chains, better quality, organic produce - all of which is better for our environment.

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